Thursday, December 31, 2015

What If, Real Estate Business is for YOU

God Trusted You Another 365 Days

Good Morning Everyone.

Today is the last day of year 2015. Tomorrow is a New Year.
Before we move forward. Spend time looking backward How your 2015 year?
Did your personal relationship to your family grow, did your spiritual relationship to God grow, did your financial investments & savings grow?
You don't need to answer me on this, but do it as your assignment. And keep the answer for yourself.
Now I know majority of you is not Happy where you are now? It is normal. Do not worry if you commit mistake, don't worry if you failed.
I will tell you , you don't failed, you learned that said business or work strategy or formula did not work for you.
Yes, it is just another wrong strategy or formula. So learn from it, modify, move forward, try again.
What is good. GOD give us asset which we wasted a lot, and you know this is so precious, it's priceless. This shows God always guide us, help us daily.
He give us all another Day, another Year to correct our mistake, he want us to be successful. He loves you, he want you to work hard and get rich, become abundant so you can help his church.
Remember this, NOT ALL is given a chance, opportunity of another Day. They die poor, reckless soul because they failed there family because they waste all those time they are still alive.
"" Now going back to you.
Thanks God, he bless you another Year, to correct, to get rich, to help his church, and his people who need help. To be a fisherman of his People. To be his missionary.
2016 is a Blessings, God investment to you, he invested another 365days to YOU. He trusted you because he loves you.
Now invest your time wisely, learn from 2015, & previous year of your life. And work hard & smart this year.
We know it is easy to say but hard to Act.... We are here to Help YOU.
We PREPARED something for you, as your guidance, a RoadMap, a system that can Help YOU.
This is a Personalize Strategy, that can be created only with your personal participation.
We invite YOU to spend time with us personally. Call as asap at 09173236123. Visit us at ROi Office.
As quote said, The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it.
So let's create a blue print, RoadMap for you to work on for YOUR Success and Prosperity in 2016.
GOD Loves You, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Your Partner,

Samuel Lao
"Enhancing People's Lives"
BUY-SELL-RENT Properties

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